Consumer Engagement

Consumer engagement is an integral component to customer retention. Obviously it is far less costly to retain a customer compared to the cost of acquiring a new customer. report it® provides a tool which enables quick and easy communication in a non-confrontational manner.

If a customer has a concern or problem with your establishment or product what do they do? Do they seek out a manager to speak with? Do they just leave because they are frustrated, never to return? Do they turn to social media to vent their frustration? With report it® you are offering your customers a direct line for communication in an easy-to-use, non-confrontational manner.

report it® provides direct communication and valuable location-specific information with your customers such as, "My order was not correct"; "The restrooms were not acceptable"; "The quality of a purchase was not as expected," or anything else that a consumer wishes to communicate. In addition, report it® will give businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers and provide a real time solution to a problem, turning what originated as a customer concern into a positive customer experience.

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Give Your Customers a Voice

Send valuable information quickly and efficiently

  • Comments
  • Questions
  • Concerns

Provide important details including Who, What, Where and When

Sends photos with GPS coordinates and map

Engage with your Customers

  • Builds Loyalty
  • No negative Social Media
  • Improves Overall Expereiences

Employee Engagement

No matter the size or industry, many factors impact businesses every day and who better to understand those issues than the employees. The issues can vary: legal, operational, safety, human resource and/or financial, and if not properly handled could negatively impact the work environment and ultimately the bottom-line.

With report it® your employees can help you monitor all of these issues in real time, and with confidence that they can remain anonymous. The report it® platform creates an environment that encourages your employees to be proactive and can provide the early detection needed to prevent issues and reduce liability.

report it® enables you to create a customized questionnaire tailored for your specific industry and operation. Additionally, location specific questionnaires provide unique data for different operations and locations. The data you receive can provide important information that can help you address an issue in real time.

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Empower yours Employees

Recieve valuable information quickly

  • Safety Concerns
  • Illegal Activity
  • Human Resources Issuses

Provide important details including; Who ,What, Where and When

Send photos with GPS coordinates and map

Engage with yours Employees

  • Builds Loyalty
  • Improves your Product and/or Services
  • Avoid Litigation

Community Engagement

Times have changed and law enforcement officials have to address an ever increasing variety of illegal activities. Increasingly, law enforcement throughout the United States encourages citizens to be vigilant.

You have heard it said many times, "If you See Something, Say Something.” But how do we make this powerful statement a simple reality? The solution is the new report it® community engagement platform.

With report it® concerned citizens can report suspicious or unusual activities in real time while having the confidence that their identity will remain anonymous and confidential. report it® makes it easy to create a report, attach a photo or video, with assurance that the information is forwarded to the proper authority or agency in real time. With the time and location of the incident, authorities can better respond and provide the right resources quickly and efficiently.

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Increase Citizen Involvement for a Safer Community

Send valuable non-emergency information quickly and efficiently

  • Suspicious activity
  • Safety Concerns
  • Quality of Life Concerns

Provide important details including
Who, What, Where and When

Sends photos with GPS coordinates and map