How it works

How to download and use report it®

Let's face it, there are many situations in which we wish we could anonymously communicate important and relevant information to individuals or organizations but are not willing to deal with the hassle and time it takes using 800 numbers or email. We all deal with these type of experiences many times a day including:

Having a bad experience at a restaurant or retail store

Dealing with an upsetting situation at your workplace

Seeing an unusual activity or suspicious package

Out of frustration, and in certain situations, we may turn to Social Media to vent about our experience. While we may get some immediate satisfaction in attacking the brand or organization we don't get what we really want; an acceptable resolution. In a public forum, how exactly do you, "See something, Say something"?

With report it® now anyone can see it, say it, report it®, instantly and anonymously!

report it® is a free and simple to use app that can be installed on any mobile device or accessed via the web. report it® was designed to provide users the ability to share important information, comments or suggestions directly with organizations and companies in a way that's simple, anonymous and non-confrontational. Just find the organization you wish to communicate with and report it® does the rest, confidentially sending your comments, suggestions and even photos directly to the department or individuals that want to hear from you.