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report suspicious activity online

Our Citizen Engagement App increases Citizen Involvement

report it® Citizen Connect is a powerful and simple-to-use crowdsourcing platform that helps the general public instantly connect with any participating government agency or organization such as Homeland Security, law enforcement agencies (including federal, state, county and local) plus city municipalities, public works and park departments, all accessed from a single app.

The success of programs like “See Something, Say Something™” rely upon citizen participation. report it® makes it easy for individuals to say something at a moment’s notice, at anytime from anywhere. report it® allows users to send relevant information, including a photo or video, complete with geo-location coordinates, to the proper participating organization within a specified area or jurisdiction, in real time from their smart phone. And importantly, report it® is always anonymous and confidential!

The message is simple, “If you see it, say it with report it®.”