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report it® classroom anonymous reporting

Anonymous Reporting for School Safety & Security

report it® Classroom Connect is a powerful and simple to use smartphone platform that helps students, staff and visitors instantly engage with school officials and security partners, all from a single app. Whether it be bullying, social media observations, security threats or suspicious activity concerns, report it® alerts the right people anonymously and confidentially.

As we observe on a daily basis, students are becoming more and more proactive as it relates to their safety and the safety of others. Students may encounter a situation, in school or on social media, that raises concerns. They may be unconformable reporting it in-person due to fear of retribution.

report it® provides a quick and easy-to-use platform to escalate concerns directly to school designated report recipients, anonymously, confidently and discreetly, in real-time, right from their smartphone.

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Improve Your Entire Campus Community Environment with Campus Connect

Since 1999 report it® has been providing anonymous tip line services to the education community K-12 as well as colleges and universities. Our Campus Connect solution uses a Smartphone platform that greatly expands on our traditional tip line service by putting the power of report it® into the hands of every student and visitor to your campus that has a Smartphone or web mobile device.

The report it® solution makes it easy for users to create a report and attach a photo or video and location coordinates with the assurance that the information is elevated to the proper authority in real time. With report it® once the report is acted upon, the information can then be viewed, managed or imported into any incident management system utilized by the institution. Importantly, report it® is always secure, anonymous and totally confidential.