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Enhance your customer service with Customer Connect from report it®

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and creating an efficient method of engagement can be difficult. While our society has become accustomed to instant communication, the traditional methods of contacting customer service are less desirable to our tech savvy society which can push them to vent their concern on social media.

report it® Customer Connect provides a simple-to-use, direct and immediate, channel for communication.

The message is simple; “Have a question, comment or concern? Don’t post it, report it!” Your customers will appreciate this easy-to-use, smart phone platform that enables instant communication to express a concern or comment directly to your customer care team / senior level management.

report it® provides location specific information in real time, allowing your team to address the concern before your customers are affected. report it® empowers customers with a robust, yet simple to use tool that can turn a potential problem into a less frustrating / positive customer experience.

Now if your customers “see something” that doesn’t look right or want to “say something” that can make a difference, they can simply say it with report it®!